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Founder/Principal - Joshua Reich

Our principal, Joshua Reich has a passion for big data and firmly believes that proprietary research requires custom techniques and analysis.

Most recently, Joshua ran an equity research group at a multi-billion dollar investment management firm where he specialized in discovering unique insight into public companies from a diverse range of data sets that are only available to those who look. He has a unique talent for diving beyond first-order statistics to gain an understanding of underlying behavior. Previously Josh led strategy for Root Markets, where he developed pricing mechanisms for a newly formed lead exchange marketplace. Back home in Australia he developed large-scale and highly efficient analytics software for Nielsen/NetRatings and Red Sheriff.

He holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University where he studied mathematical finance and micro-economics, most of a medical degree and an entire BSc in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Melbourne. When not working with data, Joshua keeps busy building electronic art machines and visualization tools.