i2π. Simplicity. Depth. Scalability.

i2pi tells stories with data, not stories about data.
Good stories can change what you think.
The best stories change how you think.


Analysis is what we do. Our role is to help your organization better understand its customers and itself by building narratives based on quantitative observations. Not just summary statistics, our methodology develops unifying stories or models that relate large scale data-mining to human scale understanding. As more and more companies turn to their data to learn, they need to rely on analysts who can go beyond prepackaged statistics and visualization that value aesthetics over insight.

Analysis is not apotheosis of data alone. We know that truth can be found in the data and our analytical role is to tell stories, backed by that data, that explain the fundamental drivers of your business.

Data Collection

A fresh pair of eyes can find data that you collect but may not be using or even deem relevant. Disconnected systems can yield new insights via integration with data from other silos. The web can provide a wealth of data, from economic statistics, through weather data to blog comments, each of which may correlate a business's key success factors to its macro environment. In addition to internal databases and public data sources, i2π has expertise in teasing out competitive intelligence via renegade techniques that explore cookie decoding, signal interception and the construction of specialized electronic measurement devices.


As companies grow, focus is rightly placed on scaling operational infrastructure, with analytics often left as an afterthought. Often the techniques that work for scaling operations do not apply to analysis. We can provide assistance in architectural design choices and are able to prototype custom analytics solutions across a range of platforms, including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, C, Java, Perl, Python and R.